Legal entities
I have a large network of national and international specialists at my disposal to deal with complex or transnational legal issues.
When it comes to litigation, I have the legal expertise, eye for detail, perseverance and creativity required. I obtain tax rulings for you and provide you with comprehensive support in restructuring and reorganization. With my solid expertise, I act as external tax counsel in tax audit proceedings and function as a link between taxpayers and the administration. Passion for tax law.

I advise legal entities on profit and capital taxes and offer comprehensive knowledge in complex withholding tax and stamp duty cases. I bring in-depth practical experience in the area of recent developments in connection with questions of the place of effective management, questions of substance in an international context and the establishment of permanent establishments of internationally active companies.
Profit and capital taxes
  • Tax return
  • Interncantonal and international tax apportionment
  • Tax provisions
  • Hidden profit distributions
  • Collective investment schemes
  • Obtaining Tax Rulings
  • Appeals as well as supplementary tax and criminal tax proceedings
Witholding tax & stamp duty
  • Declaration
  • National and international refund (DTT)
  • Application for international reporting procedure acc. to DTT
  • Issuance stamp tax
  • Transfer stamp tax
  • Liability issues in terms of withholding taxes
  • Declaration
International tax law
  • Cross border structures
  • International tax apportionment
  • Applicability and qualification issues in terms of DTT
  • Financing (i.e. loan vs. equity)
  • Place of effective management
  • Permanent establishment
  • Restructuring
  • Succession planning for small and medium-sized enterprises (incl. shareholder)
This also includes advising on the qualification or implementation of assets structured in foundations and trusts. I have in-depth knowledge of coordination issues in social security law and provide comprehensive support in questions of international employment relationships. Passion for tax law.
I advise individuals in all areas of income and wealth taxation and provide holistic solutions to complex issues relating to self-employment with a special focus on art and tax law, international spouses, employee shareholdings, property gains tax, succession planning and inheritance and gift tax.

With competence and experience I support you in cross-border international tax law issues: qualification issues and conflicts of international partnership structures (GmbH & Co. KG structures, GbR and KG under German law, silent partnerships etc.) are part of my core competence.
Income & wealth tax
  • Tax return
  • Interncantonal and international tax apportionment
  • Change of tax domicile
  • Employee shares
  • Collective investement scheme (investor)
  • Obtaining Tax Rulings
  • Appeals as well as supplementary tax and criminal tax proceedings
International tax law
  • International spouses
  • Change of tax residency (departure and migration)
  • International employment relationships (cross-border)
  • Double tax treaty questions (especially Germany & UK)
  • Homeoffice & permanent establishment
  • Coordination of international social security
  • Qualification issues
  • Qualification conflicts
  • Applicability DTT
  • GmbH & Co. KG structures
  • GbR and KG under German law
  • Social security law
Self-employed persons
  • Delimitation issues
  • Valuation issues
  • Accounting issues
  • Professional trading in particular art trading
  • Customs & VAT*
*Together with recognised experts in VAT and customs law
Sucession planning*
  • Inheritance taxes
  • Gift taxes
  • Foundations
  • Trusts
  • Liquidation taxation
  • Pension planning
*Together with reconised experts in family and inheritance law
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